Finding Hope & Healing during Your Infertility Journey

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, although it can be a lonely journey, it doesn't have to be. I started writing our journey as a way of coping but soon found support and hope through the ttc community. I continued to write to help others through their own journeys.

I found so much healing through writing that I created Good Grief to help others along their way. Good Grief is a prompt journal to help those enduring infertility navigate the emotions and experiences that come with an infertility journey. It also helps them learn to begin to truly live life again.

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Good Grief + Little Loves

Our Good Grief journal has daily prompts with lots of room to write. There are cycle trackers (because let's be real, that's a huge part of infertility). There are inspirational quotes throughout the journal to help you keep that chin up! We've also included pages for doctor appointment notes. And my personal favorite pages are the pages for you to write goals that don't pertain to motherhood or pregnancy; to help you focus on living your life THROUGH infertility. 

Little Loves is our passion project. It is currently on the back burner but we are in the works of a relaunch for 2019! Little Loves is a baby clothes shop. 25% of profits will go to grants that will help families who are seeking infertility treatments or adoption be able to do so. We wanted a way to help people in a similar situation as ours. Infertility can be a lonely journey & then can also be a little bit awkward hard to navigate for those who have never experienced it (heck, even for those who have/are experiencing it). We wanted a way for everyone to come together a bit.  We are so, so, so excited to be able to re-open our shop & know that this can be so beneficial to people like us who so desperately want to start a family.  Stay tuned for shop updates and re-launch dates.