blogger photography contracts:
info + FAQs


lifestyle blogging isn't for the faint of heart! i know how much work you put into your website/blog, content creation, pitching to brands, growing your social media channels & everything else it takes to make a lifestyle blog run. i've created the opportunity for bloggers to take shooting & editing photos off of their plate with my blogger photography contracts. i'm sure you've got a few questions, so i've done my best to answer any questions that you may have!

if i missed something, feel free to shoot me an email at!

blogger photography contracts FAQs

what is included in my blogger photography contract?
blogger photography contracts (BPC) are 3 month contracts that allow bloggers to have 3 hours of shooting time per month (9 hours total). this shooting time is typically broken up into 1 hour segments on a weekly basis. bloggers are allowed to bring as many outfits/products that they can fit into their session time. after the session, my turn-around time for editing BPC photos is 3-5 business days; you'll receive as many photos from the shoot as possible (i delete any photos where the subject is blinking or talking). the number of photos varies from 150-300 photos per 1 hour session.

how much does a blogger photography contract cost?
BPCs are 3 month contracts are $450 or 3 payments of $175 plus tax. (i know how hard finances can be, so i am a firm believer in offering payment plans.) 

how many outfits can i bring to my shoot?
as many as you can fit into a 1 hour session! most of my current BPC bloggers can fit 4-5 outfits into an hour session; just remember that you have to account for changing your clothes! ;)

how many photos will i get back?
you'll receive as many photos as possible. i typically send anywhere from 150-300 photos per 1 hour session. 

will you send me the raw photos so that i can edit my images myself?
no. i do not give out my raw photos as i have my own brand to uphold. i have worked very hard to create a consistent aesthetic & can guarantee that your photos will be within that aesthetic! 

what if i need my photos BEFORE the 3-5 business day turn-around time?
i totally understand that you'll sometimes need your photos back before the 3-5 business day due date. to speed up your turn-around time, there is a $35 rush fee each time. this helps me stay on track & keep my schedule so that i can get all of my photos back on time to all of my clients!

how do i schedule my shoots with you?
once you have signed your contract, i will send you a welcome email with your payment plans & a calendar for my photo shoots that you'll be able to schedule times for your shoots! 

am i allowed to make up hours if i miss an hour during the month?
yes, but make up hours have to be made up within the following month unless previously discussed! 

do you only shoot in downtown salt lake?
while downtown salt lake is one of my favorite locations, i'll travel 20 minutes in any direction from salt lake city & 20 minutes from lehi, utah as part of the BPC. i'm happy to go anywhere, but anywhere outside of my 20 minute radius will require a $30 travel fee. 

how do i sign a blogger photography contract?
shoot me an email at or fill out my contact form here. i can't wait to work with you!