The Art of Distraction | How to Not Let Thoughts of Babies Consume Your Mind While TTC

Let’s talk about babies. I mean, if you’re trying to conceive (TTC), they’re already on your mind right? It seems like every girl at church, in the grocery store line and at work is either pregnant, carting around a kid or two (while pregnant) or announcing their pregnancy. You’ve been trying for a few months (or a few years) and you are READY for that baby.

I remember when we first started trying, as soon as we decided we were ready, I just wanted a baby. All I wanted was a baby. I didn’t care about birthday gifts, possessions of any sort (literally, I gave away/donated/sold a TON of our belongings), making new friends, developing hobbies, or anything else. I just wanted a baby. My thoughts were CONSUMED by pregnancy symptoms, baby showers, baby clothes, nursery ideas, pregnancy announcement ideas, our “perfect” timeline, birth stories, parenting techniques, etc. I literally could not think of anything else.

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IVF Tips & Tricks

Since sharing our IVF journey I've received a few questions wanting tips and tricks for IVF. But because we haven't done a transfer yet this post will be added to later once I can share my tips for that too!

Even though we've only done IVF once, (you can read about our IVF Process here!) I feel like our stim cycle and retrieval went really well and I have a few things that I want to share to help you have a successful cycle!

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Why Your Friend DOESN'T Talk About Their Infertility Journey

The more I share about my infertility journey, the more I have people tell me that they don't know anyone personally who struggles with infertility. Or they say something like, “I wish my friend would have told me more about their journey, then I could have been more helpful.”

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