wednesday letter: LITTLE LETTERS

this week has been.... long. but there have been a few exciting things in the works, so i am stoked to get to share those with you in a few weeks when everything is officially sorted out. so stay tuned. this week, i need some gratitude in my life, so this wednesday letter will be some little letters.

dear bloggers,
thank you SO much for working with me! i've only had 4 of my blogger sessions this year, but i have 4 more tomorrow & i just seriously cannot wait! i love working with bloggers & brands. it's challenging & fun. 

dear holidays,
i love you, but i am suuuuuuper glad you're over. so now we can get back into a routine. i already miss christmas music, but i am glad to finally have some structure back into our days. until next time.

dear etsy shop,
thanks for just crushing it. i am surprised daily with new orders & i just am so grateful. 
dear etsy shoppers,
thanks for all of your orders!!! it means so much to me! i'm working on fulfilling your orders as ASAP as possible!

dear utah,
thanks for the weird winter. i just don't even know what to do with myself. we bought a new car specifically for winter because #snow & here you are just rainin' every day. i don't know whether to be happy or sad. so i'll just be happy. :)

dear costco,
one day i'll buy a couch from you. until then, i'll just continue to try every single one you put on your floor. my current favorites are this one & this one. ooooh. and this rocker. (if anyone wants to donate $1000 to the sadie loves couches fund, i will not hesitate to write a blog post about you & thank you profusely for the rest of your life. hahaha. just kidding)

dear ufc, 
we're back. our break was good for my soul, but we're ready to continue on in our journey. 2018 is gonna be good. i can feel it in my bones. 

dear janela bay,
thanks for the good times. i'll seriously miss you guys. it's been an incredible ride. i'm excited to see what you have in store for the coming years!! 

dear san francisco,
i miss you & i've forgotten over & over to post some pictures from our trip. so here they are in all of their glory.