How to Have Painless Photos for the Whole Family

today, I'm excited to partner up with Amberly from A Prioritized Marriage to share my best tips for painless photos for the whole family! Being a photographer, photos speak to me. I love having them in my home and our family photo shoots every year are so important to me. While I don't have kids yet, I've got a little puppy that is often cranky around new people and a husband that hates photos just as much as the next guy. So I feel your pain when it comes to scheduling that family photo shoot.

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IVF Mini Photo Sessions | Round 2

After completing the first set of Mini Sessions, I felt so strongly that Mini Family Sessions were something I wanted to offer in my business again. In 2018, I wasn’t able to do both Blogger Photography and Family Photography because I had a full-time job and there simply wasn’t enough time in the day for me to do everything. But since going full-time with photography, I’m excited to announce that Mini Sessions for Families will now be offered! They will be done on very specific dates but I am so excited to be able to take pictures for your families again. I absolutely love my job. Stay tuned for exact dates, but get excited because the following Mini Sessions are already in the works!

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5 tips to have a flawless senior portrait session

although i typically am a blog photographer, i have shot quite a few senior sessions this year & i've learned a thing or two along the way that might help you while you're planning your senior session! 


1. get your hair & makeup done professionally
hiring a hair & makeup artist can really help amplify the gorgeous features you already have! send them pictures of what you like and don't like so they can get a good idea of what type of makeup/hair style that you'll feel your best in. i also recommend using a bit more makeup than you're used to so that your facial features don't look flat in your photos. (false eyelashes usually help accent your eyes too!)


2. plan your outfits according to your personality
you want to feel comfortable in whatever you're wearing, so wear clothes that you genuinely love! if you like edgy clothes, wear something edgy! if you like simple, neutral clothes, rock the simple & neutral look! if you're feeling uncomfortable in your outfit, that will show through in your photos, so choose clothes that mirror your personality!


3. choose simple locations
your senior photos are supposed to highlight YOU, so choose locations that do just that! simple locations really point the focus of the photos to you as the subject! 


4. trust your photographer
sometimes photographers ask you to do things like, pull a tree branch near your face or sit in a really random spot, but if you trust your photographer, they can create some really great shots for you & make portraits rather than just shoot boring poses!


5. be yourself
this tip is the most important because YOU are the subject & people want to see YOU in your photos! be yourself & enjoy your session! if you have fun & be yourself, you'll look back on your photos & simply love them because they really show who you are!


hair & makeup by beauty by ty

emili egan | utah blogger photographer

a few weeks ago, emili reached out to me asking if we could shoot together & i am so glad she did! we went to petersen family farms (which now doesn't allow people to take pictures there... :( i've got a whole sadie's soapbox comin for you on that one!!), which is THE CUTEST little christmas tree farm! i'm so glad we were able to go there before they stopped allowing people to take pictures there because it is seriously the cutest little place i've ever seen! plus when you add the egan family as subjects, petersen family farms was the perfect backdrop!