Blogger Photography Contracts FAQs

I should have known that I would have a ton of questions about blogger contracts as the new year is quickly approaching! I am so, so excited to work with my current bloggers as well as some new bloggers in 2019! The future is SO DANG BRIGHT, friends! It’s been an amazing ride and I’m so, so grateful that this life is the life I’ve been blessed with! I want to answer as many questions as possible, so if I miss something, shoot me an email at or send me a DM on instagram (@sadie__banks) and we’ll chat & get all of your questions answered!

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utah fashion blogger | hey there, chelsie | salt lake city photographer

chelsie is one of my favorite bloggers. since meeting her, i've learned so much about blogging, pinterest & most importantly, how to live a vibrant life despite trials & suffering. chelsie is a lifestyle blogger but always shares the best tips & dupes for fashion & beauty. these photos were for a post she did-- styling a sherpa vest three ways. you can check it out here.

home tour | whitjxoxo | salt lake city photographer

this post begins the first of many posts this year. i am so, so excited to share my blogger sessions! this first session was with whitney at her gorgeous home. her bedroom was one of my favorite rooms & was so gorgeously decorated. 

emili egan | utah blogger photographer

a few weeks ago, emili reached out to me asking if we could shoot together & i am so glad she did! we went to petersen family farms (which now doesn't allow people to take pictures there... :( i've got a whole sadie's soapbox comin for you on that one!!), which is THE CUTEST little christmas tree farm! i'm so glad we were able to go there before they stopped allowing people to take pictures there because it is seriously the cutest little place i've ever seen! plus when you add the egan family as subjects, petersen family farms was the perfect backdrop!