Blogger Photography Contracts FAQs

I should have known that I would have a ton of questions about blogger contracts as the new year is quickly approaching! I am so, so excited to work with my current bloggers as well as some new bloggers in 2019! The future is SO DANG BRIGHT, friends! It’s been an amazing ride and I’m so, so grateful that this life is the life I’ve been blessed with! I want to answer as many questions as possible, so if I miss something, shoot me an email at or send me a DM on instagram (@sadie__banks) and we’ll chat & get all of your questions answered!

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shutter saturday: rachel & megan

i'm starting a new series specifically for my photography work: shutter saturday. each saturday, i will share one of my favorite shoots or some of my favorite shots from the week. i'm stoked to kick off the series with a creative shoot i did today with my best friend rachel & her friend megan in downtown salt lake city. we went for a more urban/high fashion look & i was LIVING. when i edited them, i wanted them to have a more grunge look, so i added a bit of grain into some of them & i love how these images came out. 

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5 tips to have happy engagement photos

welcome to monday! today is the unofficial first day of my newest series: 5 tips. each week, i will share 5 tips for something fun! today's 5 tips post is 5 tips to have happy engagement photos!

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wedding season is upon us. the blossoms have budded & bloomed, the weather is warming up, the days are getting longer & that means that soon, your fridge will be filled with wedding announcements & your weekends will be spent reception hopping (well, if you're in utah, that is). but for some of you, it's finally your turn to get all dressed up, go to a special location with the one you love & take pictures to put on that announcement on aunt fannie's fridge. YOU'RE ENGAGED & THAT'S THE BEST THING EVER!! 


today, i want to share 5 of my best tips for having happy engagement photos! (don't be that couple that looks uncomfy or unhappy!!)

1. it's okay to kiss & love on your fiance
i know that it's a little awkward to kiss in front of your photographer, but trust me when i say that we're professional third wheels & kissing just doesn't even phase us. we want to show people that you're in love & the only way we can do that is if YOU act like you're in love. (which should be easy because you ARE in love!!)


2. fill in the gap
i always tell my couples at the beginning of my sessions that i want them to always be close to each other-- unless i tell them differently. again, i'm a professional third wheel & PDA doesn't phase me, so get hip to hip & fill in the gap between you & your love. 


3. be yourselves + be silly
i ask my couples to do tickle wars, dance, i tell my grooms to pick up their bride & spin her around. it's OKAY to have fun. it's OKAY to do things that make you laugh. because laughing & happiness is super good when it comes to marriage & love.


4. laugh & laugh a lot


5. enjoy the session
even if the weather turns crappy or something goes wrong (because something always goes wrong, amiright?) just enjoy your session. enjoy taking your engagement photos with the love of your life because this never happens again. this is a time to cherish. don't stress but just enjoy it. 

what tips would you add for having a happy engagement photos?


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if you're interested in hiring sadie banks photography as your wedding photographer this summer, email for more information! i'd love to work with you, so be sure to email sooner than later so we can work together! 

5 tips for choosing your senior session outfits

as a blog photographer who shoots mostly with fashion bloggers, i've learned a thing or two about choosing outfits that photograph well. you want to make sure that your outfits will look good in photos, but you also want to make sure that they will help you look your best in your photos! i shared a few tips here about how to have a flawless senior session. but one big tip from that post is to choose outfits that you feel comfortable in. & while comfort is important, so are the following five tips:


1. choose outfits that are flattering to your body type
you want to choose outfits that truly flatter you. each body is different, so what may look good on one person may not look best on YOU. make sure that your outfits flatters your body & that you feel comfortable. one of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing outfits for photos is that they choose an outfit that they don't feel comfortable in (ie: they're pulling at their skirt or constantly checking to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be) and they look uncomfortable in their photos. their smiles are strained & they look a little stressed. so choose clothes that are flattering to you that make you feel like the confident rock star you are.


2. choose outfits that you can move in
the best photos are the ones that show emotion. a lot of photographers use movement to help draw out natural emotions. make sure that you can move in your outfit choices. ALSO (bonus tip) choosing clothes that are flowy (think chiffon dress or skirt) adds more natural movement (emotion) to the photo. and movement is always good!


3. choose outfits that you feel confident in
you want to feel confident. remember in tip number one when i talked about how people choose outfits they don't feel comfortable in & then they look strained? it's hard to feel confident in clothes that you don't love or feel make you look your best. confidence is key to looking your best. so choose the outfit that makes you feel like your absolute best!


4. choose outfits that are simple
you don't want your outfit to overshadow your photo. choose simple outfits that model your personality. the main focus of the photo should be YOU, not your outfit, not the location, not the pose, but YOU. 


5. choose outfits that make you feel like your best self
i can't stress this enough. when you feel like your best self, your photos show that. choose outfits that make you feel like a million bucks & then act like it, because you ARE a million bucks!


hair & make up by a dash of sparkle

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