wednesday letters: memorial day weekend 2018

the last few months have been a blur. sometimes a good blur & honestly, sometimes the kind of blur where i want to just lay in bed for days, turn my phone off & just never talk to anyone again. i feel like sometimes life really is a series of REALLLLLLY high highs and REALLLLY low lows. and lately, that's how my life has felt. there have been so many FANTASTIC MOMENTS & then also so many moments where i'm just ready to curl up & cry. 

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wednesday letters: you're never fully dressed without a smile

happy tuesday, ya'll. i'm comin at ya live with TWO wednesday letters this week because the last two weeks have been busy, busy, busy!!! i've been working on some really exciting things for my blog recently. i'm pretty stoked about it & we got some exciting news this week that i can't wait to share. but more on that later. i've been plagued by a cold for the last two weeks that just won't quit. we both had to take a day off work today to get rested & try to get better. i've never done that before, so it was a different experience. we're moving on. 

this last week, we had a to make a big decision in terms of baby banks. & since making that decision we have been very blessed. God is good & we are so grateful. one of our cars died on us last week & needed a new engine. our mechanic let us know that the best engine he could find us at an affordable price was $3800. *insert a broken heart & tears of frustration here* we have been working so, so hard to pay off debt (that car in particular) & having it break down & needing to pay more than what was left on it for a new engine was so frustrating. but we need the car, so we gave our mechanic the go-ahead to order the new engine. about an hour later, our mechanic called us back & told us that there was a recall on our specific engine. he said we would need to have it towed to the dealership & that they could help us further. well, we had it towed & then we waited for like 5 excruciating days, prayed a ton & saved our pennies. & yesterday, we found out that OUR ENGINE FELL UNDER WARRANTY. it was so, so relieving & we are so, so grateful.

this week i also had the opportunity to have my teeth whitened at fresh smiles now. it was a really unique experience. if you've been here from the beginning, you know that my smile is well, not all my original teeth. i've never been able to whiten my teeth at the dentist because my dental implants can only be whitened to their original color & it was just never really recommended. even though i've always been kind of self-conscious about my teeth. (you can learn why here, however, if you're not up for seeing pictures of me after some serious facial injury, then maybe just don't read that post) when danielle from fresh smiles now reached out to me & said that her laser teeth whitening could still whiten my teeth to my implants' original color, i thought i'd give it a shot. she uses an organic plant & mineral based whitening gel. it was pain free & super easy. & i loved the results. but i'll let the photos speak for themselves. 

you're gonna wanna start here

i was talking to a friend the other day & i realized that on my blog, i don't really have a place where i introduce any of the characters that hang out around here. i'm 85% sure that there have been people that i don't know who read my blog. more often than not, you'll find stories of randoms named sadie, parker & mack. but who even ARE those people? are they even people?! well, you've come to the right place. because here's where i introduce you to me, my cute family & our story.

hi. 👋🏻 i'm sadie. i'm the girl behind the screen & the writer of the stories. i grew up in small town nevada. i'm proud to be from nevada & honestly, home will probably always mean nevada to me. i love the small town life, but have learned to thrive in the city. i love the bustle of city life-- riding the train, going to the airport & driving in traffic all make me so happy. (i know, it's weird, but i seriously love it) i love reading, writing & photography. those are probably my truest passions. i love being outdoors-- especially in the mountains during the summertime. i love a good chick flick/feel good movie & cry almost every time i watch one. my closet is full of neutral colors & striped shirts. & i have an obsession with being intentional & the minimalist lifestyle.

parker was born & raised in utah county. he has the most infectious smile & boisterous laugh out there. he's a huge fan of anything sports related. if parker had to only eat one thing for the rest of his life, he would probably choose bean burritos or hamburgers. he likes being outdoors, sleeping in his own bed (WITH HIS MEMORY FOAM PILLOW), playing any type of game, riding his scooter (not the push push kind), playing pick up basketball games & watching the office reruns on netflix. 

you can read more about our story of how parker & i met, fell in love & got married in these posts

mack (or mackie as he is so lovingly called at home) is our 13 pound, 8 month old toy poodle. he is so, so smart & loves humans more than other dogs. he thinks he's a big dog, but is scared of loud noises, actual big dogs & cardboard boxes. (🤷🏼‍♀️) mackie loves to play fetch & tug-of-war. he knows that he gets called a good boy & gets treats when he sits on command. he recently learned to lay down AND give high fives or paw if he wants belly rubs (& takes advantage of the fact that we can't say no to him right now because he's still learning). mackie is the goodest good boy around & we are so glad he is a part of our family. he makes us laugh & teaches us more about unconditional love every single day.

as a little family, we've had a lot, a lot, a lot of ups & a few downs here & again. in our short two years of marriage we've traveled to disneyland, san francisco, st. louis & new york city. we love traveling & experiencing new places together. shortly after getting married, we decided that we wanted our little family to grow, we began trying to have a baby & later found out that having a baby would be a bit harder for us. in 2017, i was diagnosed with infertility & PCOS. we've shared pieces of our infertility journey for our friends & family to read here & here. we are excited for the day that we get to bring a sweet babe into our family & hope that day is soon, but for now we are grateful for every day together, for the love we feel for one another & for our sweet mackie boy who brings us so much joy. 

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