wednesday letters: JAZZED

friends, if you've met parker, chances are, he was wearing some sort of sports related piece of clothing. whether that's a hat, shirt, jacket, socks, watch, etc. (all of the above), he was probably wearing something of the sort. because he LOVES sports. sports are his passion & it's something i would never take away from him, or make him stop loving. (because honestly, i don't think that's possible) so when we started dating, i jumped on the bandwagon. i fed off of his love of sports & have now been to more professional sports events than i can count. when we moved to salt lake, we jumped at every opportunity to go to a jazz game because they are just too much fun. and then the jazz started doing REALLY well & it was super fun to watch & cheer on. and then they made it to the playoffs. 

guys, one of parker's dreams has been to go to a playoff game. i'm all about living your dreams, so when an opportunity to buy cheap(ish) tickets came along, we jumped in with two feet. this monday, we found ourselves sitting at the tiiiiiipppy top of the vivint smarthome arena cheering the jazz on to their victory. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. we got free shirts, free chick-fil-a (well, there was a slight mishap with that, but the guy still missed both free throws, so we enjoyed our chick-fil-a as though it was free even though we paid for it. hahaha), good company (thanks for coming with us matt & kelsey!! we had so much fun!!), and just thrived off of the energy that was in the arena. i can't even think of words to explain it. we just kept saying, "that was so much fun" after the game. because it was so much fun. we lost our voices & went to bed WAY later than normal, but we checked a playoff game off of parker's bucket list & it was so, so worth it. last night, we went to a friend's house to watch game five & just had a blast there too... even if the jazz lost yesterday. bummer. 

but WE HAVE FAITH! jazz in six??

i love being able to spend time with parker doing things that he loves because we always have the best time. 


wednesday letters: i want to be a friend like that.

okay, i'm SERIOUSLY considering just calling these thursday letters because i seriously cannot remember to write them on wednesdays. it's unreal. but i'm not going to do that, because i'm just gonna get my stuff together & do my best to write them on wednesdays. but i digress. 

tbh, this week has been ROUGH. there have been lots of tears over our sweet mackie. however, in the same breath, i have to say that we have been so blessed this week because today will be the first day that we eat dinner at home. our family & friends have really stepped up this week & it has been incredibly humbling. we have been so grateful. i was telling parker the other day that this whole experience has made me realize how i can be a better friend. from the two year olds in our lives to the 84 year olds in our lives, we have felt love from all of you. & we are so grateful.

i've learned that empathy comes down to simply feeling the core feelings-- not necessarily understanding those feelings, but just feeling them. i learned that from 2 year olds and 3 year olds, guys. our nieces & nephews have seriously showed up in grieving with us & i am so impressed by their love. they were sad, simply because we were sad. they all wanted to make sure that we were okay & that mack was okay. their ability to love & feel empathy is incredible. i want to be a friend like that. 

we were given heartfelt & thoughtful gifts. people sent us gifts & notes because they knew we were hurting & wanted to brighten our days, even just a little bit. we're grateful for the meals, the texts, the calls, the gifts, the comments, the prayers, the pictures (our cute nephew painted us a picture to help us feel better, it was so sweet), the time you've spent with us. seriously, we cannot even begin to express our gratitude. i want to be a friend that doesn't just think about sending gifts or notes, but just does that because i'm thinking about it. i want to be the friend that doesn't ask how i can help, but just tries to help by inviting someone over for dinner, taking them dinner, sending them a sweet little gift in the mail or dropping something off to their house. it takes FIVE minutes to do any of those things but i can truly say that it makes such a huge difference. i want to be a friend like that.

like i said, we have been so, so humbled by this experience & even though we miss our sweet pup, we are grateful for the love we've felt & the spirit of kindness that has been shown to us in the last 5 days. & honestly, through our entire marriage. we have seriously been blessed with the best friends & family that this world has ever known. if you're reading this blog post, consider yourself a friend/family, because i'm definitely writing to YOU. you've all changed our lives & we hope from here on out that we can be the kind of friend that you all have been to us. 

wednesday letters: catching up on life

ya'll. it has been a B U S Y last few weeks but we are finally coming through!!! i know i've said this before, but going full-time has really kicked my trash a little bit. 😬😬😬 & honestly, work has been a little bit crazy. but it has started slowing down & i feel like i'm finally getting the hang of things enough to not be working like a crazy psycho until the end of the day, so things are really looking up for us, guys. i am very excited about it. 


parker recently got a nintendo switch (thanks tax return, we will never be able to repay you... nor do we want to) & he has been loving playing his switch while i've got shoots after work during the week. it's really helped him be more patient with me at shoots which is really nice & i don't feel so bad for taking two hours out of his day for shoots. so i'm real grateful for that little thing. & he seems to love it, so that makes me really happy.


mack is learning all sorts of new tricks. in the last few months, he has learned what the words outside, let's go, inside, sit, paw, and lay down mean. he started sitting on command a month or two ago, then he learned to paw at us if he wants attention or belly scritches, and just this week, he learned how to lay down on command. seeing him actually learn something is actually so exciting. i get so proud of him when he actually learns something & learns to apply it. 

i've been able to work on my blog & website a bit more & i'm super stoked about that. i've got some fun posts comin up that i cannot wait to share. &&&&&&& i have had time to work on my blog during breaks at work, so i'm not even kidding when i say that i have some fun posts in the works!!! 


we've also been doing some new stuff with infertility treatments, but tbh, i don't really know what's going on. i mean i do, but i can't really explain it at this point because we moved into a new phase & it's a treatment we've never done before. & we're in a weird spot when it comes to talking about things because it's kind of like a limbo phase. so just hang tight for a while until i can talk about it in more detail. 


if you've made it this far, i'd love it if you left a comment to let me know what you want to see more of on my blog. i love writing, but i know that readers matter. & i want to write what you want to read. do you like lifestyle best? infertility posts? tips & tricks? tell me all the things!! i want to hear your opinions!!

+ little loves +

this morning, parker & i announced a clothing shop that we have been working on for the last little while. we've wanted to come up with a way to help people in a similar situation as ours. infertility can be a lonely journey & then can also be a little bit awkward hard to navigate for those who have never experienced it (heck, even for those who have/are experiencing it). so we wanted to create a way for everyone to come together a bit. 

Adobe Spark (2).jpg

little loves is a baby clothes shop. 25% of profits will go to a grant that will help families who are seeking to do infertility treatments or adopt be able to do so. we are so, so, so excited to be able to open our shop & know that this can be of great help to people like us who so desperately want to start a family. 

we would love it if you would share little loves with your friends & family to help us be able to reach our goals. we would also love it if you would follow us on instagram to see the products in our shop. we will open on october 2, 2017 & hope that you'll stay tuned to see the cutest baby clothes around & stick around for for the exciting things we have planned for our shop! 

a few sneak peeks below! ALL THE HEART EYES FOR THESE CLOTHES!!!! eeeeeeek.