INTENTIONAL IN 2018 | how i made over $1300 in one month with side hustles

YOU GUYS. i've been working SO hard on my side hustles & i am so, so proud of the amount of money that i've been able to bring to our family's income this month. i wanted to share how i did these things & my plans to continue this kind of income through my side hustles in the coming months. 

if you've been reading my blog for a little while, you know that i am a firm believer in the side hustle. they keep me busy & help me stay creative. i really enjoy them. i've tried a few different things, but i've settled on three that i love & want to grow into hopefully something more than just a side hustle one day.


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i really hope that one day i can do photography full-time, but for now, i am grateful for the extra income it brings us. the way that i've been able to supplement our income through photography has been by working with bloggers. i have a few bloggers that i've contracted to work with me in 2018. (if you'd like more information on that, shoot me an email at & i'll send you ALL of the details & we can get shooting!!) i also freelance and work with whomever needs photos when my schedule allows it. i love working with bloggers & have met so many new friends through photographing them!


you may or may not know, i have a print shop! i sell LDS temple prints on etsy & here on my website! i love every single one of these photos & am so, so glad that others have loved them enough to purchase them to hang in their homes! i am so surprised & thankful every time i get a notification saying i've got another print order. 


little loves is an endeavor that parker & i started in september. it was parker's idea & i just fell in love with it. little loves is an online baby clothes shop & while we are still working out details to make it better, we are so stoked whenever we get an order. 


there are a few things that i think have helped us make money through these side hustles:
1. preparation
2. consistent posting on social media
3. keyword usage
4. follow up

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i had been preparing for january 2018 for about six months before january even happened. most of the preparation was for my blogger contracts. i created them, reached out to bloggers in hopes they'd sign & then created a price guide for any other blogger who might want to work with me. once i got those things underway, i started advertising a little bit on social media. i followed up with bloggers that i had emailed. i was able to sign 3 contracts from following up!


the keyword usage was most helpful for my print shop. i made sure that my keywords for my prints were relevant and ones that people were actually searching. (you can check this on etsy!) all but three of my sales have come through keywords & searches on etsy.

consistent posting on social media has been CRUCIAL for little loves. every time we are consistent with posting for a week, we receive at least one or two orders. (not too shabby for a shop that just opened & that we haven't worked on very much for the past two months... we've been busy)

my goal for these three side hustles for the rest of january & for february are:
1. work with three more bloggers who are not contracted
2. post twice on instagram & facebook a day for little loves
3. update my keywords for my print shop
4. utilize pinterest

INTENTIONAL IN 2018 | 2018 goals

if you remember my very first intentional in 2018 | 2018 new year's resolutions post, you'll know that it was an overview of my 2018 word - INTENTIONAL - & it also shed a little light in the areas i wanted to really focus in on in 2018. tonight (& last night) i delved a little deeper into each of those areas & made goals for what i really want to accomplish in 2018. i am really excited for these goals & i CANNOT wait to see them come to fruition. 

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intentional minimalism:
- have a living room space
- be able to pack all of our belongings into 5 totes
these two things go hand in hand, BUT are completely different. the have a living room space refers to our current living room space in my grandma's basement. i would love to be able to organize up her extra room downstairs & move the things she doesn't use very often into that room so that we have a space that is freed up so we can invite friends over & spend time together downstairs. 
as for our personal belongings-- we only have a handful of things, but as we've lived with my grandmother for the last six months, we've found that a lot of our things we just don't use... ever. like they've been in our totes for the entire time we've lived here. (so obviously we don't use that stuff or need that stuff)

intentional storytelling:
- slow down & really take time to be creative during shoots
- blog every session
i have been itching to be more creative during shoots. i want to push myself to be better each shoot. i feel like i've been a little bit complacent, so i want to slow down & take some creative liberties during shoots. i want to not be afraid to try new things. 
i also want to blog every session because what's storytelling if i only let the pictures do the talking. sure, they say 1000 words, but they only tell the EXACT moment they were taken. not the moments leading up or the moments after. i want to share those stories.

intentional frugality:
- parker & i have chosen a specific number goal we've chosen that we would like to net in 2018. parker has asked to not share specific numbers in blog posts, so to respect him, i will leave this at that.
- get out of all of our debt

intentional education:
- read 1 book per week
(this is all i could think of for now-- we are trying REALLY hard to save money this year, so if you have any free educational experiences you know/love, send them my way!!)

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intentional spirituality:
- read scriptures, pray, & journal DAILY
i've really slaaaaacked in this so lately, so i'm for, for, for sure trying to be very intentional in these simple areas this year.

intentional health practices:
- 5+, 5+, 5+
- no soda or chocolate
- eat out less
- eat less dairy
the 5+, 5+, 5+ is a fitness challenge that my dad posed to all of us this year. the first week of the year we are supposed to do 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, 5 squats every week day. then the next week you add five (so 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats), then five more the next week, etc., etc. so by the end of the year we are ripped. everyone in the family joined in & three days in we are going strong!!!
no soda or chocolate. this one will be hard/easy for me. i lovvvvve soda. but i know how terrible it is for me. so, giving that up will be kind of hard. but i don't like chocolate. it makes me sick. my aunt threw this challenge out & i'm always up for a challenge. so i jumped right in. 
eat out less. this one is going to be WAAAAAAAY hard. i am just so..... lazy. i hate cooking & i am terrible at making breakfasts + lunches. so i want to be MUCH better at this in 2018. 
eat less dairy. like three days ago, i read that cutting dairy helps people with PCOS with their acne. i'm giving this one about six months & if i see no change, i'm quitting this one. hahah. but i'm really, really, really going to try my best to cut dairy & make an effort to really strict with this one.

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