The Art of Distraction | How to Not Let Thoughts of Babies Consume Your Mind While TTC

Let’s talk about babies. I mean, if you’re trying to conceive (TTC), they’re already on your mind right? It seems like every girl at church, in the grocery store line and at work is either pregnant, carting around a kid or two (while pregnant) or announcing their pregnancy. You’ve been trying for a few months (or a few years) and you are READY for that baby.

I remember when we first started trying, as soon as we decided we were ready, I just wanted a baby. All I wanted was a baby. I didn’t care about birthday gifts, possessions of any sort (literally, I gave away/donated/sold a TON of our belongings), making new friends, developing hobbies, or anything else. I just wanted a baby. My thoughts were CONSUMED by pregnancy symptoms, baby showers, baby clothes, nursery ideas, pregnancy announcement ideas, our “perfect” timeline, birth stories, parenting techniques, etc. I literally could not think of anything else.

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