5 tips to have happy engagement photos

welcome to monday! today is the unofficial first day of my newest series: 5 tips. each week, i will share 5 tips for something fun! today's 5 tips post is 5 tips to have happy engagement photos!

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wedding season is upon us. the blossoms have budded & bloomed, the weather is warming up, the days are getting longer & that means that soon, your fridge will be filled with wedding announcements & your weekends will be spent reception hopping (well, if you're in utah, that is). but for some of you, it's finally your turn to get all dressed up, go to a special location with the one you love & take pictures to put on that announcement on aunt fannie's fridge. YOU'RE ENGAGED & THAT'S THE BEST THING EVER!! 


today, i want to share 5 of my best tips for having happy engagement photos! (don't be that couple that looks uncomfy or unhappy!!)

1. it's okay to kiss & love on your fiance
i know that it's a little awkward to kiss in front of your photographer, but trust me when i say that we're professional third wheels & kissing just doesn't even phase us. we want to show people that you're in love & the only way we can do that is if YOU act like you're in love. (which should be easy because you ARE in love!!)


2. fill in the gap
i always tell my couples at the beginning of my sessions that i want them to always be close to each other-- unless i tell them differently. again, i'm a professional third wheel & PDA doesn't phase me, so get hip to hip & fill in the gap between you & your love. 


3. be yourselves + be silly
i ask my couples to do tickle wars, dance, i tell my grooms to pick up their bride & spin her around. it's OKAY to have fun. it's OKAY to do things that make you laugh. because laughing & happiness is super good when it comes to marriage & love.


4. laugh & laugh a lot


5. enjoy the session
even if the weather turns crappy or something goes wrong (because something always goes wrong, amiright?) just enjoy your session. enjoy taking your engagement photos with the love of your life because this never happens again. this is a time to cherish. don't stress but just enjoy it. 

what tips would you add for having a happy engagement photos?


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home tour | whitjxoxo | salt lake city photographer

this post begins the first of many posts this year. i am so, so excited to share my blogger sessions! this first session was with whitney at her gorgeous home. her bedroom was one of my favorite rooms & was so gorgeously decorated. 

2017-2018 senior rep retreat

the class of 2018 has some incredible people in it! this last weekend, i had the opportunity to spend time with 5 of the best in the class!! there was so much that went into the senior rep retreat that there's no way i can share all of the photos in one post, so this will be the first in a series of posts about the senior rep retreat!

we started off the retreat with the opening ceremonies dinner. it was held at my parents' house & my sister made this incredible (AND EASY) chicken parmesan + spaghetti meal. it was seriously so yummy! there was also a salad + brownies & ice cream for dessert. (& i'm just now realizing that i forgot to take a picture of the chicken parm... SORRY SHAYE!!!) but it was still delicious. 

after the opening ceremonies dinner, we headed to the garden (which is one of my favorite locations of all time) for their first shoot. it was more of a bohemian style shoot & all of the girls wore white summer dresses & it seriously turned out perfectly. the summer light + the garden + the girls in their white summer dresses was just so good. 

then after the shoot we headed up to the ledges vacation rental for the weekend! i was so excited about the vacation rental because it is seriously what my house dreams are made of. we owe a huge thank you to the gardners for letting us stay there! if you're looking to go to st. george for a weekend getaway, i highly recommend staying at the ledges vacation rentals! they are spacious, have tons of natural light & are modern! plus there's a pool!!! 

on friday, our big shoot was in collaboration with Ooh La La Dress Rentals. girls, if you're looking for a prom dress & don't want to fork out $300+ for a dress, GO TO OOH LA LA! they have tons & tons of dresses + plenty of styles to choose from! the girls had a blast trying on all of the different dresses & each one of them found gorgeous dresses that matched their style + personality! 
& we owe a huge thank you to lark (@hairbylark) for doing hair + make up! the girls looked absolutely stunning & it was so fun to have lark come & get them all dolled up for the formal shoot!

after the formal shoot, my best friend rachel talked with the girls about having the courage to pursue their dreams. after hanging out with these girls & hearing their dreams & goals, i seriously cannot wait to see what they do & where they go in life! they are such go-getters! the world is at their feet + they are so prepared & ready to take on the world! i am so excited for them!

on saturday, we did a brand shoot with thread wallets. if you know me, you know i'm obsessed with thread wallets. so i was particularly stoked when they agreed to do a collaboration for the senior rep retreat! 

the senior rep retreat was a definite check off of my bucket list! i've been wanting to do a rep program since i started my business & this weekend was an absolute dream! i am so excited for the 2017-2018 school year & can't wait to work with more seniors this year!

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