What It's Like to Participate in a Clinical Trial + Maybe Baby IVF GIVEAWAY

I am SO excited about today's post! Over the last few months we have had quite a few questions come in about participating in an IVF Clinical Trial and today I am spilling all of the beans about what that was like! (The Clinical Trial portion of our IVF Cycle is over! But no results to share yet -- still waiting… welcome to the world of infertility where you just wait and wait and wait) I'm going to answer a few of the questions we got repeatedly in a Q&A form and then also talk a little bit about my experience and overall feelings about the Clinical Trial. And then I have exciting news about an IVF Treatment Giveaway with Reproductive Care Center (located in Sandy, Utah) at the end that you will NOT want to miss!


Q: How did you find out about the Clinical Trial?

A: So I have two parts to this answer that I think are important. A) I actually researched a LOT of clinical trials earlier but we didn't qualify for any of them, but I tried to look them up every couple of weeks/months to stay on top of any that were opening that we might qualify for. B) THAT SAID, we also told our clinic that we were interested in participating in any clinical trials or studies they might have and they reached out to us when we looked like we might be a good fit and qualify for! 

Q: Was your Clinical Trial free?

A: No, it was not. The Clinical Trial Sponsor covered MOST of the costs (the medications and the procedures we would need) but we had to pay up front for doctor fees. So it was very, very discounted but we still had to pay for it.

Q: What was different about your Clinical Trial and regular IVF?

A: I had more appointments, ultrasounds and blood draws than a typical IVF cycle. We also had a few clinical trial protocols we had to follow, like we weren't able to know how many follicles (if any) were growing. They did part regular IVF and part ICSI for fertilization. If we had under 20 eggs retrieved we would do a Fresh Embryo Transfer; but if we had over 20 eggs retrieved, we would HAVE to do a Frozen Embryo Transfer (We have to do a Frozen Embryo Transfer). We were only allowed to transfer one embryo. We were NOT allowed to do any genetic testing on our embryo.

With a typical IVF cycle, a lot of these protocols we had to follow are decisions that are made between you, your partner with recommendations from your doctor.


Q: What would you have done if you didn't get accepted into the Clinical Trial?

A: We feel SO LUCKY and blessed to have been able to participate in the Clinical Trial. However, if we didn't qualify (which we almost didn't because I had to redo one of the tests because my blood work came back and it was not in the qualifying range), we would have had to wait to do IVF because we simply could not afford it at full-price at the beginning of the year. But we were already saving for IVF and had a little put away and then we were able to fundraise the rest of the amount we needed.

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I actually had a really positive experience with the Clinical Trial. There were moments where I felt like I lived at the clinic, but the staff of our fertility clinic is incredible and made that week (I had a full week of hour-long appointments) so much more bearable! Some people have asked me how I felt about not knowing how many follicles we had growing. I surprisingly really liked that. I didn't think about it as much because I couldn't know, so I just focused my energy elsewhere. I was actually surprisingly calm through that unknown, which was very helpful because usually treatments stress me out to the MAX. I also liked the fact that quite a few decisions were made for me-- the transfer of a single embryo, no genetic testing, fresh transfer vs. frozen transfer. It just made the process so much less stressful because I didn't have to make a billion decisions. That said, in the future, we are excited for the opportunity to make those decisions ourselves.


Now, onto the REALLY exciting stuff!! The Maybe Baby IVF Treatment Giveaway! Reproductive Care Center is teaming up with Frankie and Jess from 97.1 ZHT to give away an IVF Treatment at RCC!

It is free to enter the contest, all you have to do is submit a 4 minute or less video sharing your story and why you should win the IVF Treatment and fill out their form! You can submit your video HERE.

Submissions close on AUGUST 9th! So be sure to get your submission in before then.

IVF can be so expensive and Clinical Trials and Giveaways are an awesome way to offset those costs. What do you have to lose by entering?

Tips for Getting the Best Results at Your Mini Session

After working with bloggers and their husbands and children on a weekly basis for over a year, I’ve learned quite a few things about how to make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved. And lucky you, I’m sharing my tips with you because I have some Mini Sessions coming up in the next week and there are a few slots left. (There’s more information about the Mini Sessions at the end of this post!)

Tips for Having Your Husband and Children in Photos (And Have Them Actually Enjoy Them!)

Be VERY specific. Like VERY specific. Give them a specific time frame. “We will be taking photos for X minutes/hours. I need you for X,Y, & Z. Once those photos have been taken, you can be done.” And STICK TO THIS PROMISE. I can promise you everyone will be happier in the end!


Tell them beforehand that you need them for pictures. and make sure they are paying attention. I like to leave sticky notes around the house and text my husband every few days to remind him we have a shoot coming up that he needs to be a part of & be ready for.


Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good! sometimes the best shots get taken quickly. Don’t continue to try to get twenty more of the exact same shot. Smiles and patience will fade quickly.


With husbands and children that don’t enjoy having their photos taken— the less time they have to be in photos, the better. Mini sessions (20 minute sessions) are PERFECT for family photos because they are so quick and painless!


The more prepared you are, the better. If you want them to change their clothes, have the outfits laid out and ready to go. If you want them to show of products X, Y and Z, have those products ready. 


For kids especially, do not feed them sugar before a shoot. They. Will. Crash. during the shoot. Do not bring sticky candies (fruit snacks, m&ms, skittles, starbursts) to the shoot as tools for bribery. They won’t forget and you’ll spend half of the shoot with whiny kids wanting their treat and the other half of the shoot will be spent waiting for the kid to finish the starburst and get cleaned up again. 


Let them be themselves. Laugh and enjoy one another. Hug and smother them with kisses. I promise these moments will create the best photos. I also promise to take at least one picture where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera! (Scout’s honor!)


As a reminder, we’re doing Mini Sessions to help raise money for our IVF fund! If you’re in Northern Utah, we’d LOVE to have you sign up for a slot!


friday, january 25, 2019
20 minutes
30-40 edited images
Location: Saratoga Springs, UT*

saturday, january 26, 2019
20 minutes
30-40 edited images
Location: Saratoga Springs, UT*

All of the profits from these mini sessions will go straight to our IVF Fund.
*Address will be given after booking your session