Why you NEED an HSA If You Are Going Through Infertility Treatments

First, let's talk about what the heck an HSA even is. HSA stands for Health Savings Account. This savings account is taken directly out of your paycheck and are pre-taxed dollars and you are not taxed on the use of the money in your HSA. Meaning, this money is never ever taxed. It's just for you to use for qualifying medical expenses. The money in your HSA also never expires, so it rolls over from year to year! Meaning you can grow one hefty savings account.

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What I Would Tell Myself 3 Years Ago At The Beginning of Our Journey to Baby

To those who may be struggling: keep holding on. Trust your instincts. Trust the small whispers of that still, small voice that helps you through the hard days. Believe in miracles and look for the miracles. You can do this. You've got this. I'm cheering you on. 

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Why We Chose Our Fertility Clinic and Why We Will Go Back Again and Again

Throughout our Infertility Journey, there have been a few questions that I've straight up ignored answering or answered very vaguely. I didn't do this to be rude, but did this for privacy matters. At the time, I wasn't comfortable sharing what fertility clinic we went to or which doctor I saw because those questions just felt very personal to me. Plus, I was there a LOT so I felt the need to keep those things private because I didn't want some creeper showing up to an appointment or something. (The internet is a beautiful thing, but there are WEIRDOS out there & ya gotta be safe, friends)

But now that we have "graduated" from our Fertility Clinic, I wanted to share our opinions and experiences with Utah Fertility Center with all of you. Infertility is TOO prevalent and I know this will help someone, so I'm sharing this for whoever needs it. All opinions are my own, UFC doesn't even know I'm sharing this.

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