+ little loves +

this morning, parker & i announced a clothing shop that we have been working on for the last little while. we've wanted to come up with a way to help people in a similar situation as ours. infertility can be a lonely journey & then can also be a little bit awkward hard to navigate for those who have never experienced it (heck, even for those who have/are experiencing it). so we wanted to create a way for everyone to come together a bit. 

Adobe Spark (2).jpg

little loves is a baby clothes shop. 25% of profits will go to a grant that will help families who are seeking to do infertility treatments or adopt be able to do so. we are so, so, so excited to be able to open our shop & know that this can be of great help to people like us who so desperately want to start a family. 

we would love it if you would share little loves with your friends & family to help us be able to reach our goals. we would also love it if you would follow us on instagram to see the products in our shop. we will open on october 2, 2017 & hope that you'll stay tuned to see the cutest baby clothes around & stick around for for the exciting things we have planned for our shop! 

a few sneak peeks below! ALL THE HEART EYES FOR THESE CLOTHES!!!! eeeeeeek.