How the Good Grief Journal Changed My Infertility Experience

It's no secret that I created the Good Grief Journal nor that Good Grief has changed my life. But I haven't ever really expounded on HOW Good Grief changed my life.

If you're new here or just don't remember, Good Grief came to be because I had SEARCHED for something to help me cope for over a year and after being unsuccessful in finding anything I made the decision to create what I needed.

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we decided early on in our journey that we would only share things when we felt ready and at our own time. so some of the answers that we’ve given to questions over the last few weeks have been… well, mostly half truths. and mostly not the full truth. and honestly, i don’t really feel bad about that simply because IVF/infertility is a very personal thing. that being said, we feel ready to give a big update!

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inspiration + creativity

for the last few days i’ve been feeling pretty meh about all things creative. i’ve lacked inspiration and motivation to create things. but today i decided to just try to be a little more creative than i was yesterday (which wasn’t hard because i had a migraine yesterday that knocked me out for most of the day) and i feel like i was successful! i worked on these pictures of myself— which doesn’t seem that exciting, but actually, it’s way exciting. that wall was white when i started editing today. so that’s fun.

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