Fertility Products You Should Know About: Proov Test Strips

Today’s Fertility Product You Should Know About are Proov Test Strips!

Let me tell you a little bit more about Proov Test Strips so you can know whether or not they are right for you at this time. This post is sponsored by Proov, but all opinions and words are my own.

Proov Test Strips test the progesterone levels in your body to indicate successful ovulation. Aka, they help you know if and when you’re ovulating!

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Recognizing Your Triggers During Your Infertility Journey

Recognizing my triggers and then digging in deep to find out what about them was hurting me and why they made me feel that way really helped me be able to make a game plan on how to either overcome them or deal with them or see how sometimes I just needed to avoid certain situations, at least for this season.

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First Trimester - 16 Weeks Pregnancy Updates

Because we did IVF, we knew we were pregnant very early on. Which has been SO fun, but SO hard to keep secret!! I got in trouble for telling a few people, but definitely tried to keep it on the DL because we didn't want to slip up in front of family. But I've been doing secret updates on my phone so that I could give you all the information you would want!

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Why you NEED an HSA If You Are Going Through Infertility Treatments

First, let's talk about what the heck an HSA even is. HSA stands for Health Savings Account. This savings account is taken directly out of your paycheck and are pre-taxed dollars and you are not taxed on the use of the money in your HSA. Meaning, this money is never ever taxed. It's just for you to use for qualifying medical expenses. The money in your HSA also never expires, so it rolls over from year to year! Meaning you can grow one hefty savings account.

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