Affirmations for Labor & Delivery

A few weeks ago, I was feeling particularly anxious about giving birth. And honestly, every day that giving birth gets closer, I get a little more nervous. Of course, I’m excited to meet our sweet baby girl, but the whole idea of giving birth makes me really nervous. So I asked my friends on Instagram to share their favorite affirmations for labor and delivery with me. The ones they shared with me were so good, so I decided to type them up and share them with whoever may need them. I also made some graphics for each of them that you can screenshot and save or share.

Even though it's hard, birth doesn't last more than a day 

My baby and body work together in perfect harmony

These feelings come and go.

I was made to do this. I am a warrior. I am a champion.

Easy Pregnancy. Easy delivery. Easy baby.

I am divinely made to make it through this 

I am strong. I was made to do this. God is with me.

 The discomfort is temporary and so worth it.

 I was made for this.

Just this. Just this contraction. Just this push.

 I can do hard things. This is how Heavenly Father designed my body, so through Him, I can 

 I am strong. I am beautiful. I am capable of all things.

 Every cell in my body knows how to have a baby.

 Literally billions of people have done this and so can I!

 I am safe. I am strong. I CAN do this.

Inhale peace, exhale tension.

 This time is short. Breathe and appreciate the struggle.

I grew a human being, I deserve to give myself grace.

This baby is going to come out. My body knows what it is doing.

 Every contraction is one step closer to meeting my baby.

 This pain is temporary.

My body knows what to do. I am doing what I need to in order to take care of me and my baby

 My body is strong. My body is made to do this. I am powerful. I am calm and peaceful. 

Every powerful contraction is bringing my baby closer to me.

My body is capable of birthing this baby.

My doctors are capable, knowledgeable and here to help me.

If you know an expectant mama, share this with her to help her prepare for the big day!