this practice helps me remember why i fell in love with my husband

i was writing a guest blog post for A Prioritized Marriage & she asked me to send a few photos of parker & me throughout our marriage. of course, i went back through all of our instagram & facebook posts.

as i was looking through all of our memories, i was reminded of the quiet moments where i fell in love with my husband while we were dating & of the moments where i continued to fall deeper in love with him after we were married. i was reminded of the adventures we went on while we were dating & the places we went to as newly-newlyweds. i remembered conversations we had & inside jokes that were made. i remembered the time that he helped me conquer one of my biggest fears while we hiked Angel's Landing in the snow. i remembered the times when he would show up to my apartment with donuts while we were dating. i remembered our road trips to nevada & the deep conversations that were shared on those trips. i remembered our wedding day; how freezing it was but how insanely happy i was to be marrying parker.

all of these memories were brought to the forefront of my mind within a 45 minute period. just from looking at pictures. so if you need to remember why you love your spouse or just want to remember so many happy memories, look back at old pictures. you won't be disappointed, promise.