jaymie + jordan | salt flats + lantern fest bridals | salt lake city wedding photographer

jaymie & jordan’s bridals were so adventurous! we started their shoot at the bonneville salt flats and then went to tooele for the lantern fest! i love two location shoots because it gives so much variety to a session. jaymie got her dress from david's bridal and looked absolutely stunning! i felt like i was taking pictures of a real life princess! jaymie also wore a traditional chinese wedding dress for a portion of the session & i thought it was so special. 

i loved the way jordan protected jaymie throughout the lantern fest! jaymie described the lantern fest as "dodging fireballs all night" and seriously, that's what it was. we grew even closer to jaymie & jordan as we were all yelling "watch out!" or "careful, there's one behind you!!" but my favorite thing was watching jordan as he lanterns got too close to jaymie. he would knock them out of the way or step in front of her. it was seriously such a sweet act of love. we had such a blast & i just cannot wait until their wedding day!!