intentional in 2018 | 50 WAYS TO MAKE EXTRA CASH IN 2018

a few days ago, i got this message:
"hey, you're amazing at starting your own business and i just have a question. i am trying to find a work-from-home job but I don't want to pay a chunk of money on selling product. what would be your advice on working from home or do you know of any good places that offer work-from-home opportunities? do you have any ideas because i'd greatly appreciate your help!" 
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starting a business/running a business take a lot of work and often have upfront costs that have to be taken care of. i don't think that it's impossible to start a business with little to no money, but it's definitely hard.

my advice for starting a business or working from home is to think about a skill you already have and then start marketing that skill. use the resources you already have! you can also check places like craigslist or the classifieds of any newspaper for work-from-home jobs. try asking your facebook friends/people in your church congregation if they know of any work-from-home opportunities around you. working from home or starting a business are both all about who you know. when i say that, i don't mean start a facebook page & market to all of your friends + family. (although they are a good audience to start with... just be careful...) i mean network. work with people who have skills you don't have that can help you to create a stronger company & brand. 

but if you came here for 50 ways to make extra cash in 2018, i'll get to the point. we can talk business strategies later. (or just email me at i lovvvvve talking business!!)


1. do laundry for people
2. clean houses
3. make & sell freezer meals
4. babysitting/nannying
5. sit with an older person
6. house sit
7. personal shopper
8. dog walker/dog sitter
9. uber or lyft driver
10. airbnb host
11. start a drop shipping company
12. sell (good) stuff you don't use anymore on facebook groups or craigslist
13. mow lawns
14. get a part-time job (or even another full-time job! ... you think i'm kidding, but i'm not)
15. put up christmas lights for people
16. shovel snow
17. affiliate marketing or brand rep
18. collect cans & turn them in for recycling money

IF YOU'VE GOT THE SKILLS (& sometimes the certificate is necessary!!)
19. virtual assisting/personal assisting
20. hair styling/cutting
21. photography
22. graphic design
23. videography
24. florist
25. sell baked goods
26. sell crafts on etsy
27. sell vintage clothes on etsy/ebay
28. teach a course/create an online course
29. write an e-book
30. create & sell printables
31. ghost write blog posts
32. sell propagated succulents
33. organize a yard sell
34. organize a community craft fair
35. model for small businesses
36. interior design
37. create instrumental music & sell it
38. mentor someone
39. organize parties
40. become a transcriber

41. start a blog (this is important to note: you probably won't make money for a while with this one)
42. create a workshop
43. thrift & re-sell textbooks, clothes, etc.
44. open an online clothing store
45. buy a rental property (or rent out your house & live somewhere smaller for a little while)
46. create an app
47. open a wedding venue
48. rent out a photography studio
49. flip a house
50. become a real estate agent

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