wednesday letter: merry christmas ya filthy animals

it's november 1st, which means i can officially say this: HAPPY THANKSGIVING & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! people get real upset when they find out that you've been listening to christmas music in october. they get even more upset when i tell them i've been listening to christmas music since the beginning of august.... okay middle of july... i LOVE christmas music. it makes my heart so, so, so, so, so happy. which is why i listen to it almost year round. PLEASE DON'T MISUNDERSTAND: I AM VERY GRATEFUL & LOVE THANKSGIVING. but i definitely think that christmas & thanksgiving go hand-in-hand. so i will continue to celebrate them that way.

parker & i have been so busy with Little Loves and recovering from San Francisco that we haven't done much else this last month. however, this is all without any complaints because we had such a blast in october! 

one of my favorite bloggers does what she calls "life according to my iphone" and well, that's what you're getting today. so prep yourself for a photo overload. 

i also made this video that explains my capsule wardrobe + shows what i've got in my closet for those who are interested! i had a lot of fun making our san francisco video, so i made one with answers to the questions i've received about my closet. i'm hoping to incorporate video more into my blog, so i'm excited about that! 

i think that's all for now. we start our 30 day trial of hardcore frugality today & we are excited to see how that shakes out this month!!