Sunbeam Funnies

Today we had quite a few funny moments in Sunbeams. Please enjoy them as much as I did. I sure am going to miss these kids in a few weeks. I love them so much.

"Can you be a missionary?"
"Well, (pause) I don't have a coat." - Reece

"What is one of the commandments?"
"No Kissing!" - Hailee

"Do you think Jesus was ever a little kid?"
"Nope, he was always a man." - Mackinley

"Has anyone ever gone on a long trip before?" 
"I been to St. George and that is a LONG way away." - Alex

"James said he was the smartest." - Mackinley
"No I didn't." - James
"I am the smartest." - Hailee
"No, Jesus is the smartest." - James