a little treat.

me. today. I got ready. did anyone see? no. is that alright? no. so, my blog friends get to see. what a treat for you!

also, this is a shout out to my sister Shaye! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! [tomorrow.. kind of.. October 11] yahoo. you're 23! hooray for you! I love you sister! Thanks for letting me use your computer all the time. And for letting me sleep in your bed, so I don't have to sleep at my apartment. And for getting me a job so I'm not broke. And for buying me food sometimes. And for buying the good shampoo! And for getting me an apartment, even though I never go there... unless I have to. And for putting up with me. And for letting me hang out with you! And for starting Friday Night Lights over the other day. And for being cool. And for having a beautiful singing voice. And for everything else! I love you Sister!