total win

This week I started a club. 
It's called The Really, Really  Ridiculously Good Looking Club.

To be in my club you have to do two things:
1. Say something good about yourself everyday and BELIEVE it.
2. Say something good about someone else everyday and MEAN it.

I noticed that in this world today girls struggle with, well, themselves. And then when they say something bad about themselves they get in trouble and are labeled as self conscious. But when they are confident, they're labeled as conceited. We can't win. 

Well, this week I decided I'm going to win. 

To you, I might be self conscious. I might be conceited. 
But to me, I'm comfortable. I'm confident. I'm happy. I have pretty hair. And I look good.

And you guys, you're all awesome. And I'm grateful to you for reading my blog.

Here's to winning.