Hi, my name is... Jessica??

I have lived in Cedar for the past three weeks.
These are special snippets of my life:

I walk down this sidewalk almost everyday.

Don't be fooled by this fountain's beauty. It is actually a devilish beast.

I saw a man smoking pot on this bench once.

This is the Green Show Stage. 

This is the Adams Theater. From the East Gate. 

This is the Randall Theater. I will be spending the next two months here.

This door holds a special place in my heart.
I accidentally rammed an actor [who I may or may not have a crush on] with the water cart coming out of this door.  

This is my sister's house. I used to reside here.

My name tag says Jessica.

Ginny and Shakespeare. 

But now, everything is changing. 
There aren't anymore shows in the Adams.
I'm moving into my own apartment.
I'm going to a college activity tonight.
And there aren't anymore gold ties.
And I'm probably getting my own name tag.

Change is sometimes good.