my sunbeams

This year I have had the opportunity to teach Sunbeams.
I have 11. 
11 Four year olds.
I love them so much.
They are so funny and they teach me so much.
These last week since I've been up in Cedar I haven't been able to teach them.
Today while talking to my Mom, she told me that they were concerned as to when I was coming back. It made me feel so loved. And during the Fall Season of the Festival I will be able to go home every week and teach them. I am so excited! I can't wait to hear funny things like, "When is she going to have her baby?" and "Sadie, I have to pee." and "It's hard Sadie. It's too hard." and "Zip it, Lock it, Throw away the key." I am so excited to hear their simple prayers, that always come from the heart. [But still have funny things in them like, "Thank you that we get to go to Sadie's house after church.... well some of us."] 

A special shout out to my Sunbeams: James, Ava, Kaila, Makinley, Reece, Roman, Julia, Maclyn, Alex, Ruby, and Ender!