4 hours. 28 minutes. 42 seconds.

Today Clancy, Taner Hansen, Mom, Parley and I ran the Cedar Express 31 Mile Relay.
It was hard.
We achieved our goals: Finish and Not Be Last.
We took 21st overall and 11th in our division!
Here are some photos of the day:

our team

First Hand - off
Clancy to Me

this old man is one of my heroes. he ran uphill for 3.55 miles. 

Parley finishing his first leg.

Parley's hand - off to Taner

Momma running in the desert.

Hooray for Mom! This was her last leg!
Another hero moment.

Clancy and that tall guy in the black shirt literally SPRINTED to the finish line. It was a great little race.

Clancy ended up winning his mini race and also took FOURTH in this leg OVERALL!
He beat the lady in pink as well!

this is me. tired and thirsty. Mom made me take a picture because she missed my hand - off to Par.
Parley is that little guy in the distance.

this is our team waiting for Parley so we could run with him to the finish line!

Our team running in!

Everyone except Parley... he's behind us... he was tired.

Parley sprinting the rest out! 
Go TEAM LEAVITT! (and Taner)

That's our time. 4 hours. 28 minutes. 42 seconds. (give or take a few seconds)


Now these crazy-pants guys, they are awesome! They are from Mesquite and they took FIRST overall!
(left to right: Josey Browning, Drew Durbin, Danny Ramirez, Sam Sylvester, and Coach Leon Durbin)
Their time was 3:18! And they all averaged a 6:36 mile! Even with Drew's pulled muscle they pulled that off! They are amazing!

This one is for Janae Fairbourn. 
Because we love chocolate milk.
They gave us chocolate milk after the race. 
What friendly people!

This race was so much fun! I'm glad I did it!
However, if I ever see that boy that told me I was almost done with 1 1/2 miles to go, I might beat him. 
But it was so great!