wednesday letters: quarter life crisis

yep. i went there. this weekend, i had SUCH a blast with my friends during our girls weekend. i was taking pictures all weekend & just relishing in some major grown-up girl bonding time & then WA BAM. monday hit & i was so, so, so lost as to what i needed to be doing with my life. do i continue working full-time & doing photography part-time OR do i take a big risk & do photography full-time? i ran through the pros & the cons all monday & am still just at a loss for what to do, but i do know that whatever ends up happening, i will be okay & life will continue to roll along. we'll hit our goals & be where we need to be when all is said & done. but for some reason, i was just so, so frantic all day long. again, i still have NO clue what i should be doing in the coming months, but that's what prayer is for, right? 

but back to the GOOD stuff. if you missed last week's posts, we added shelves to our bathroom & moved furniture around in our bedroom to create some space in our little basement apartment & ALSO i got my dream lens this last weekend & was taking pictures of literally everything. i couldn't help myself. thanks to parker, i was able to jump in front of the camera & get a few pictures with mozzie too. 

i also was able to go on a weekend getaway with some of my best friends here in utah. we went up big cottonwood canyon & stayed in the CUTEST cabin, watched the greatest showman (obviously), went to park city, & went to a blogger event the next day. we took lots of pictures through the trip (because sigma art, duh) & just had the BEST time. 

AND ALSO. ALSO. ALSO. THE GOOD GRIEF PROOF PRINT CAME IN TODAY. i am so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so excited!!!! it is so beautiful & i cannot wait for people to start getting it & using it! stay tuned because we'll be announcing pre-orders soon!!! EEEEEEEKKKKKKK. 

wednesday letter: getting my life back together

in my last wednesday letter, i was pretty honest about how i've been feeling about life. mostly like a hot mess, but ready to move forward & get my life back together. i had a few setbacks in multiple aspects of my life & was feeling super down about myself, but i took some time off this week to figure out how i could work smarter not harder.

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5 tips for creating space in your rental

in all my time living on my own, i've come to find that open space makes me so much happier than when i feel crowded or overwhelmed with stuff. purging unnecessary stuff feels SO GOOD. & honestly, every space has something to offer, you just have to give it the chance to be great.

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