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greater salt lake city area

Being a blogger comes with a lot of perks! But those perks-- sponsorships & collaborations-- need high resolution, sharp photos by a professional. Sadie Banks is a blog photographer in the Greater Salt Lake Area who has worked with over 45 bloggers in the last year. With a bright, crisp, classic editing style, companies will love the photos you post.

Bloggers in Salt Lake City & the surrounding areas, have a special opportunity to sign quarterly contracts with Sadie Banks for consistent & exclusive content creation. Signing a blogger contract ensures 3 hours of shooting time per month.


Before I jump into what my blogger contracts are, I just want to talk about how beneficial these contracts are. And I’m not just saying that because it’s how I earn my keep around here. I’m saying this because:

When you need someone to take your kids off your hands for an hour or two so you can work, what do you do? Hire a babysitter.
When you don’t have time to go to the store, what do you do? Order groceries on clicklist.

In order to free up time, you pay for services to do things you just don’t have time for. Here’s what you don’t have time for: self-timer photos, editing, re-taking shots that didn’t turn out.

Guys, I take my own photos and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Which is why I actually tried to enlist the help of my cutie husband, because it just takes too much time and effort to try to get ONE photo. Let alone enough for a blog post. However, both you & I know that enlisting the help of our sweet husbands only turns everyone into monsters. Honestly, the lack of bickering and arguing with your husband/significant other is what makes these contracts worth it.

But really, the true value in these contracts is the fact that you get your time back. You get to spend time working on your blog and more importantly, being with the ones you love because you don’t have to spend time taking photos and editing photos.

I created Blogger Photography Contracts to help bloggers be able to create consistent content. Contracts are 3 Month, 3 hours of shooting time per month contracts (9 hours of shooting time total). I wanted to make sure that they were valuable and worth every penny. I’ve worked so hard to create the perfect balance of shooting time and content created within the time we work together. I wanted to make sure that brands and companies were getting what they were paying for when they put their trust in you as a content creator. To sign your contract today, email!

If you are a small business owner & would like to inquire about Small Business Contracts (which are very similar to Blogger Photography Contracts), email to schedule your first shoot today!


"Sadie has been absolutely incredible to work with. As a blogger I have worked with several other photographers over the years and Sadie is by far my favorite! She is incredible at her job, she’s fast, efficient, and has tons of experience working with bloggers. Which makes my job as a blogger so much easier! She takes beautiful, crisp, and bright photos. She has completely transformed my Instagram feed into a gorgeous cohesive blend...which is everything in the Instagram/blogging world! I have loved her blogger program because we schedule it out beforehand and I know that my content will always get shot when it needs to. Not to mention that her prices for her blogger contracts are THE BEST that I have ever seen! After working with her for the past three months, I even asked her if I could sign a contract with her for the rest of my life haha. That’s how much I love working with Sadie!"
-- whitney from @whitjxoxo


"Working with Sadie Banks Photography through her blogging contract program has totally transformed my blog and business. Having dedicated shoot time every month helps me plan ahead for my content and keeps me accountable to the projects I have in the works. Sadie is flexible and always willing to try out new shot ideas or poses to make sure we get the photo I need. She also can take the direction of a shoot to make sure when I'm struggling with creative ideas. Sadie always edits her photos in a timely manner and works hard to deliver them in time for deadlines. I have been able to secure bigger projects and collaborations as a blogger since signing my blogging contract and using her photos exclusively on my site and social media feeds. Her prices are BEYOND fair for the services she provides. I highly recommend working with her and am already planning on signing a contract for the next year!"
-- chelsie from hey there, chelsie

To read my FAQs about Blogger Photography Contracts, go here.