wednesday letters: parenting conferences + business conferences

this weekend we got to go visit family because my mom gave me & my sisters tickets to the simply on purpose parenting conference. & yep. i know what you're thinking-- "but sadie, you don't have kids? why did you go to a parenting conference?"

well here's what i learned: good parents treat their kids well but they also just treat people well. when we were at the conference, ralphie talked about treating your kids with kindness & like they are human & they will respond better. & i just kept thinking, "this is literally how to treat people." like for real, the people that i love working with & associating with are people who are KIND. 

i've started thinking a lot about my business-- how i want it to look, how i want people to feel when they work with me, how i can help their experience be positive, how i can benefit my family while working, etc. & as i've thought about those things, i keep referring back to that parenting conference. i just want to treat people with kindness so they want to work with me & feel happy when they work with me. 

but i've also felt a little lost in how to continue to grow my business, so my friend chelsie & i signed up for a workshop later in june that i just can't wait for!!! we're going to be going to alison faulkner's build an awesome brand workshop & i seriously can't wait. 

as for an update on parker, i just want to say that he is the very best. he works so hard for our little family & is so, so patient with me. i'm grateful that he is willing to work with my crazy schedule & tag along to shoots after work. (i'm also grateful to my awesome bloggers who give me extra treats to take home to him & always offer to let him come inside while we shoot-- even though he turns them down every time. hahaha) 

i'm feeling very blessed today & i am so excited for what's to come in the near future. there are so many exciting things coming & i feel so fortunate to live the life that i do. 

wednesday letters: house hunting

before you come to the wrong conclusions: parker & i are not moving... yet...

now that we have that out of the way, i have to tell you about the most beautiful houses & apartments that i've ever laid eyes on. one of my very favorite activities is looking at real estate. i'm very interested in the way things are priced, the houses on the market & the differences between those things from city to city. i love looking at houses & seeing how i'd change them if i lived there (three main changes: add wood flooring & open shelving in the kitchen & paint the walls white or light grey). i'd love, love, love, love, lovvvvvvvvve to be able to buy a house in the nearish future, but today (or tomorrow) is not that day. so i have to settle for window shopping. 

because i can only dream for now, i thought it would be fun to share my "dream house" dream board. if you've met me (or read a few of my blog posts), you'll know that i'm currently very into the minimalist lifestyle. i love the idea of "less is more" (i'm sure my mom wishes i would have come to this realization when i still lived with her, but oh well.) i love that you can still have cozy spaces without feeling claustrophobic or crowded & that's what i hope to make my future home feel like. cozy & comfy, yet open & welcoming. 

i've saved about a billion pins on my + HOME RENOVATION + pinterest board if you're in need of some gorgeous home inspiration. but i've also been living vicariously through a few of my friends who have bought homes of their own & have shared the process or a DIY project or two. a few of my favorite posts i've read from my friends & other bloggers that i follow have been:

living room gallery wall ideas - everyday ellis
the carr home: the house buying process - hey there, chelsie
small space living: tips for kids bedroom! - love taza (i love her blog!)
our new apartment living room reveal - love taza

about a month ago, we talked to our friend, jordan, who is a mortgage broker & he helped us set some goals for the future & helped us see a more clear path to reaching our goals. needless to say, this was very exciting for me because it gave me a realistic expectation as to what we could afford. working with jordan was so comfortable & easy. he is so down-to-earth & really knows his stuff. we can't wait to work with him again in a year or two when we're ready to buy our own place. but for those of you who are in the salt lake area + ready to blaze a new trail & buy a home, i highly recommend talking with jordan! he really knows his stuff & makes everything so easy to understand! here's a link to his facebook page and a link to his blog

mother's day + infertility = good grief

a few days ago at work, one of my friends asked me if mother's day is hard for me.

the answer to that question is yes. it's a day where all of my emotions come together & basically explode.

i'm so happy & love the opportunity to be able to honor my mom, mother-in-law, sisters & sisters-in-law, grandmas & aunts. i have such fond memories of mother's day & i am so grateful that my parents taught me to serve & give & honor those women in our lives on mother's day. it truly brings my heart so much joy to be able to celebrate these women who do so much. but for the last few years, mother's day has also brought feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, sadness & grief. attending church is difficult on mother's day & celebrating is one of the last things i want to do. 

Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot-0286.jpg

each year, i still buy mother's day gifts for the moms in my life because gift giving is one of the big ways that i show love. i try to think of gifts that will mean something, but is also practical. 

this year, i wanted mother's day to be different. i still got gifts (because, hello, showing love) but i wanted to do something that would help me & that would help others in a similar situation as me. i knew that sharing our story helped other people, but i wanted to do more. i wasn't sure what to do, but then one day it hit me.

Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot-1546.jpg

ever since we started our infertility journey, i have looked for prompt journals for those going through infertility to help me write out the feelings & emotions that come. i searched high & low for something to tell me that whatever i was feeling was valid & okay. i hoped & waited for someone to publish a journal that would give me that validation & help me sort that all out. & it never happened. i waited a little longer & then the thought finally occurred to me, "why don't YOU write a prompt journal?" so i wrote out things that i wish people had told me. i wrote out prompts that would have helped me sort out my feelings. i asked dozens & dozens of women who had been through or are still going through infertility what they wish they would have written down, what has helped them & what they would tell someone else. their answers were incredible. i couldn't have created this without them. & then i reached out to my dear friend elise from elise creates. she is a real genius when it comes to graphic design. she helped us create the most stunning pages for our journal. as parker & i were discussing how we could make this journal come about, we started talking about what we would call the journal. we talked about the fear, rejection, disappointment, hope, love, grief & every other emotion that comes with infertility & we settled on: good grief

i love the title good grief because it makes me feel as though there's a purpose to our infertility journey. not just to suffer, but to overcome. that our grief can be turned into something more & something better. grief may still be there, but it doesn't define us in a negative way.

Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot-1126.jpg

our journal has daily prompts with lots of room to write. there are cycle trackers (because let's be real, that's a huge part of infertility). there are inspirational quotes throughout the journal to help you keep that chin up! we've also included pages for doctor appointment notes. & my personal favorite pages are the pages for you to write goals that don't pertain to motherhood or pregnancy; to help you focus on living your life THROUGH infertility. 

i believe firmly in the power of written words. i believe that there is so much healing that can come through writing. i believe that our grief can be turned into good grief if we will allow it to become such. i am so, so excited for this journal to go into the hearts, hands & homes of those who are waiting for miracles. i hope that when you find out that someone is going through infertility, that you'll think of our journal & that you'll be brave enough to give it to your friend or even just recommend it to them. 

our journal will be launching & available for purchase summer 2018. 
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Parker Sadie Anniversary Shoot-1877.jpg

to the moms in my life: i love you & i am so grateful for you & your example of pure love. i look up to you in every way. i am grateful for the love, support, kindness & sensitivity you've shown me & given me. happy mother's day. 

anniversary photos from last year by the incredible alice jane photography.