about me



i'm sadie!!

i'm never really sure what to write on these "about me" pages. i could tell you that i'm passionate about photography. i could say that i actually love to blog & write. i could explain all of the random hobbies + side hustles that i've tried & enjoyed. but i'm not sure that's why you're here. 

you're here because you're wondering who i am. but the answer to that question isn't as cut & dry as i'd like it to be. life is messy & there are so many different things that make me, well, me. so i guess what i'm saying is if you want the answer to that question, you'll just have to follow along!

if you want to schedule a time to shoot, YAY!! i can't wait to be friends! email me at hello@sadie-banks.com & let's set up a time to hang out!

photos of me + parker by Alice Jane Photography